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Thank you for inspiring!

"Today it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with the challenges that we see on the ground, and there are multiple. Being a woman in today’s society is hard enough, but to compete in a world where your environment looks to deprioritise your worth, your status and your value would be enough for most to give up.

When I think about Canasu I think of the long standing intent behind the organisation, where it began and actions that were taken to realise that intent. Everyday in that regard with Canasu is an example of what International Women’s Day is all about - not just on the 8th March.

My sincere thanks I give to this organisation, its patrons and its organisers to the work that is done to bring equality, equity and education to those who are less fortunate. I have seen firsthand the benefit that so many have received and it’s truly life changing. Thank you, Canasu and wishing you a very happy International Women’s Day to you and all those you are connected with."

We genuinely appreciate all of the time and effort Steve and Elaine have put into the cause over the years.


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