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Our Work, Their Words

The Beneficiary Story

A Benefeciary of Canasu


A Learner at the Halasoor Center

"The workshops are helping us to understand the current market reality in the job sector. When each session from Canasu is completed I realize how less I know. These workshops are one of a kind and helpful for women like us who are drop-outs.


I'm learning new things every day. I thank Canasu who has taken the initiative to upskill us."

A Project Vridhi Benefeciary

A Benefeciary of Canasu

Shafiya A

A Lifetime Scholar at Canasu

"The scholarship provided by Canasu Dream Foundation is helping me to continue my studies and dream big for my future. The scholarship I ave received is a 'Lifetime Scholarship Program' by Canasu which helps girl children of single mothers to complete their education from the start of the scholarship until post-graduation.

With the support of the donors, I can help my family to come out of poverty and become a role model for other girls who want to dream big."

A Project Shiksha Benefeciary

Our Work, Their Words

The Changemakers Thought

Ms Vani Mendon

Vani Mendon

GM Business Development at Servhub, Dubai

NGOs work tirelessly to provide essential services to communities, especially those that are marginalized or disadvantaged. They collaborate with governments, private sector entities, and individuals to achieve their goals and create a better world for all.

Let's celebrate World NGO Day by recognising and appreciating the priceless contributions that these organizations provide to society. I'm proud to join hands with Canasu Dream Foundation, an organization that is committed to improve the lives of women in local communities through education, health and economic empowerment. On this World NGO Day, let's all do our part to aid groups that work to address social, economic, and environmental challenges, promote human rights, and advance sustainable development.

Steve and Elaine

Steve and Elaine

Changemakers, Project Shiksha

 Today it’s all too easy to be overwhelmed with the challenges that we see on the ground, and there are multiple. Being a woman in today’s society is hard enough, but to compete in a world where your environment looks to deprioritise your worth, your status and your value would be enough for most to give up.

When I think about Canasu I think of the long standing intent behind the organisation, where it began and actions that were taken to realise that intent. Everyday in that regard with Canasu is an example of what International Women’s Day is all about - not just on the 8th March.

My sincere thanks I give to this organisation, its patrons and its organisers to the work that is done to bring equality, equity and education to those who are less fortunate.

I have seen firsthand the benefit that so many have received and it’s truly life changing. Thank you, Canasu and wishing you a very happy International Women’s Day to you and all those you are connected with."

Our Work, Their Words

A word from our Advisor

"It is heartening to see the growth and impact of Canasu Dream Foundation. Having seen it grow from an idea to a reality and to be a small part of it gives me great pleasure. Canasu will touch and impact lives of millions in the coming years."

Animesh Singh


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