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Young women lack information and essential skills for their future. With the growing economy, as the education levels rise, job opportunities increase, we observe that the more women need to enter the workforce. The goal of the project is to enable, empower, and strengthen the skills of the young women to enter the workforce market and become future leaders to transform and create an equitable world.

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"I had a truly wonderful experience learning from Shoaib Sir at Canasu Foundation. His teaching technique was exceptional and I learned so much from him. The activities he incorporated into his lessons were especially effective and engaging. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a talented and dedicated educator. Thank you, Canasu Foundation and Shoaib, for such a rewarding and fulfilling learning experience!"

A beneficiary of Project Udaan

Empower the next generation of women leaders by becoming a mentor - sign up today and make a difference!

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