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We work with women in the communities to enhance their future prosperity by increasing their ability to successfully manage their own livelihood options and improve their security. Project Vridhi focuses on skilling and empowering women so that they can generate their own income and lead a life with dignity.


"Canasu's workshops are providing invaluable insights into the current job market and helping women who have dropped out of school to upskill and gain confidence in their abilities. With each session, we are learning more and realizing how much we didn't know before. These one-of-a-kind workshops are truly making a difference in our lives, and we are grateful to Canasu for taking the initiative to provide this much-needed support and education. Thank you for helping us grow and achieve our goals!"

A beneficiary of Project Vridhi

"Be the change and make a difference in someone's life by joining us as a mentor today!

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