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About Us: Who We Are


Nurturing Dreams, Empowering Communities

At Canasu Dream Foundation, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a small step in the right direction. Since our inception, we have been determined to make an impact. The core of our efforts is to bring fresh ideas and passion to the range of activities we are involved with. Through all of our endeavours, we hope to go by the conviction of our beliefs and the call of our hearts.



Our vision is to create a world in which all women determine the course of their lives & reach their full potential.


Our mission is to support women to achieve their full potential; to encourage, enable and facilitate their active involvement in business, employment, learning and community life. We seek to achieve this by harnessing the economic power of women and communities, promoting education, skill development, social inclusion, and changing perceptions.

About Us: Programs


Hope Is Where the Heart Is

We are a social community that is focused on helping women and assisting them in
achieving their ambitions. We help them build and nurture their lives by providing skill sets that can help them accomplish their dreams and create an impact in their community. We also focus on providing training and hosting exhibitions which involve women learning to adapt to new opportunities. Canasu reaches out to communities around Bangalore and tries to emancipate women. We believe that if we strengthen the inner voice of women, they can nurture a community of achievers. To strengthen their inner voice, we need to strengthen
their minds so that their determination propels them further.

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Canasu is not just an organization that helps women entrepreneurs, it is a revolution to

support the dream of every woman to construct their future with perseverance. We strengthen their inner voice by driving away their fear of suppression and by bringing freedom into every sphere of their lives. We strongly believe that if we need to make the world a better place for tomorrow, women need to be architects of the future.

There are several women in communities who are suppressed and are not supported due to social inequality and societal shackles. Our aim is to educate them and free them from this caged thinking which is hampering their growth.

About Us: Who We Are


Empowering women to lead a

life with dignity

We work with women in the communities to enhance their future prosperity by increasing their ability to successfully manage their own livelihood options and improve their security. Project Vridhi focuses on skilling and empowering women so that they can generate their own income and lead a life with dignity.


Building Leaders for Tomorrow

Young women lack information and essential skills for their future. With the growing economy, as the education levels rise, job opportunities increase, we observe that the more women need to enter the workforce.

The goal of the project is to enable, empower, and strengthen the skills of the young women to enter the workforce market and become future leaders to transform and create an equitable world.



Gender equality in education

Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. It is also an area that offers some of the clearest examples of discrimination women suffer. Among children not attending school, there are twice as many girls as boys, and among illiterate adults there are twice as many women as men. We at Canasu offer scholarships for bright girls from marginalised communities.

About Us: What We Do
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Making A Difference

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Our Work

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

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Running Up

"Canasu helped and guided me to get my mother operated. I have never come across such a dedicated team of young individuals who go beyond their limits to help the community. Many families like ours are forever indebted to the support provided to us for livelihoods, educational scholarships and health interventions. Our prayers are always with the team and wish them luck!"

- Muzaffar Ali, Health Camp Beneficiary 


"Canasu has its heart in the right place and they have helped us during these tough times of COVID, they have supported us with dry ration, clothes and masks. The local administration had failed to support us because we are migrant population, and the help received by Canasu is appreciable and we are thankful for all the efforts."

- Gauri, COVID Relief Beneficiary

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About Us: Meet the Team


Get to Know Us


He went on to help organizations like Makkala Jagririt, NIMHANs and Lions Club International towards designing and implementing systematic community interventions at a community level. Today, he is a known brand for Women Empowerment and Community Work.


He is also a Certified Personal Development Coach and has undergone various trainings and courses in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transformational Coaching, Employee Coaching, Career Coaching, Public Speaking, Youth Counselling and Social Work.


He is an active leader in the learning and development space and does various workshops for colleges and corporates. He is also the founder of The Altered Lens, working towards bridging the skill gap in college students and leadership gap in the corporate space.


Founder and Chief Impact Officer 

Holds a double Master's degree in Business Commerce and Social Work. His areas of special interests include Social Innovation, Community Development, Women Empowerment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Shoaib is drawn towards creating a Transformational impact in the communities through Women, who he believes are one of the major stakeholders in Social Change.

He started his journey with the prestigious TeachForIndia fellowship program. He himself coming from a low-income community in Bangalore, during the fellowship he was drawn towards community orientated initiatives. One of his successful initiatives became an organization called Canasu Dream Foundation. With his grit and passion he worked tirelessly in the communities across Bangalore and became a brand ambassador for systematic community interventions.





Kushal comes with over a decade of experience in the financial industry and is currently working as a faculty of commerce. He says “To make a revolution, start by educating children.” with this belief in the future generation he always focuses on providing them support and working closely with communities to understand the struggles and help them to step up in the society. 

Kushal is always excited about the idea that every child in the world can be the leader tomorrow and with this belief, he has made this his life purpose to mentor children and groom them with skills and assistance that can be helpful for them to grow and achieve this dream.



Financial Advisor

Being an Auditor, she comes with an experience of handling various clients across India. She is extremely passionate about her work and she keeps close track of developments at Canasu. Given her own journey, She understands the nature of potential and truly believes in Canasu’s cause of creating opportunity. 
She leads the accounts team at Canasu.



Director, Strategy and Scale 

Neeraj is a Chemical Engineer and a TEDx Curator, who worked as a Fellow at Teach for India for two years. He enjoys learning about school leadership and education technology. He is also, a Global Shaper and co-leads The Stronger Schools Project that aims at transforming public schools into units of change and Hope for communities.
His beliefs in collective action and sustainable solutions has led him to be a part of Canasu.



Content Lead

Holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy. Writing and social work is her passion. She currently works as an audit assistant at Hariharan and Co Chartered Accountants, Mysore.

She believes that writing has the power to inspire and motivate people and therefore writing for a social cause lends a sense of purpose. She sees Canasu as a forum to make a difference to the society, working for the shared vision of the team thriving to create a social order and uplift the weaker sections of the society.



Project Manager 

Asif comes with 7+ years of corporate experience and holds a master’s degree in Business and Workforce management. He is passionate about social work and has managed several programs in the social space. 

He closely understands the operational and programmes framework which makes him the head of operations at Canasu.



Director of Projects

Sr. Arogya Mary believes that women should get equal opportunity and be independent. 


She is the Headmistress of St. Josephs Convent, Whitefield. She has an experience of 25 years working with the communities in Whitefield. Her commitment to serve the people has made her a prominent figure across communities. As a part of Canasu Dream Foundation, She leads many women empowerment projects at St. Joseph’s Convent. Her bold attitude and confidence make her a dynamic leader. 




B. Tech from IIT Delhi, MBA from IIM Calcutta; working as COO and Business Head for  Health & Glow Ecommerce; was founding team member of Jabong



Anamika is a UK trained Business Psychologist with more than two decades of organisational and leadership experience in Business Psychology and Advertising. She advises organisations and helps professionals build on their strengths and forge successful career paths. Using Business Psychology coaching and assessment tools and techniques, Anamika coaches students, faculty, executives and leadership. She is currently associated with CHRIST (Deemed to be University) as Head - Consulting Practice and advises a student-powered Centre for Academic and Professional Support (CAPS).

About Us: Team Members


We are grateful to Lions Club of Bangalore Phoenix to support our Community Programs 

We are indebted to our Corporate Partner, CITRIX R&D India to support our Canasu Community Transformational Program 

We have multiple initiatives across the city with Global Shapers Bangalore which is a network of Young Professionals  

About Us: Testimonials

St.Joseph's Convent KHPS is our School partner for Community Interventions at Whitefiled 

We have collaborated with Shifting orbits to have a focused approach towards our Dream Scholarship Program 

RainTree School is our School Partner for Community initiatives in Bangalore South

In collaboration with Project Defy, We have started a Self Learning Space in Whitefield 

greenBUG is one of our partners for sustainable livelihood initiatives in various communities across the city

About Us: Contact

We have collaborated with NIMHANs to empower the Canasu staff and trainers to reach the program goals and continuously grow their skills thereby creating sustainable development

We are forever indebted to these philanthropic individuals who fuel our mission

Steve Doyle  |  Elaine Moore  |  Liav Shamriz  |  Ruth Martin  |  

Clodagh grace  |  Karen OMórdha

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